The Long and Short of it

I first pixied my hair last February. Last August was the last time I cut my hair short short (see picture below). It was also the shortest my hair has ever been, and also my least favorite length. (However, when my hair started growing out from that cut, it was my favorite. So it turned out to be fine.) Growing out a pixie was mildly tedious, but it was worth growing out slowly to avoid the seemingly inevitable mullet. Did I like having my hair short? Absolutely. Will I ever pixie cut it again? Mmm... Probably. It is mostly bliss not having to worry about my hair all the time when it is short, but feeling like I need to trim it two days after a haircut can get a little old. Would I recommend getting a pixie cut? Yes, exclamation point. It is the most empowering thing to just chop off all your hair for something completely new and bold.

Now I am trying to grow it all out (mostly I am just aiming for my bangs to even out). I don't know how long I want it or how long I will end up keeping it, but my goal at this point in my life is wearing a bun on top of my head. It is just a style I have fretted about not being able to do & you can't really blame a retired ballerina for it.

Now I just have to avoid swooning too much over most of these hairstyles between now and then.


Shannon said...

Wow it's grown a lot! Wait until next year.

ruthie.von said...

You're so cool Bethany.
Love it both ways :)