Limit Less & Less

What artwork or artist made you step back and re-evaluate your definitions and views about the definition of art?

It was in my poetry class, actually, after I wrote a reflection on a book by Dallas Clayton. My professor wrote on the paper in response to a comment I mentioned, "But does that make it poetry?" I thought, Who are you to decide what is and isn't poetry?

I think that people have some sort of right to claim what is poetry, or in this case, what is art. If someone creates something, whether it is a painting, an idea, or a cluster of words, they have a role in deciding where it belongs in the world. I do not really see the fairness in a poetry professor or an art teacher or a world-renowned artist debating it simply because they have more experience or knowledge in that field. If those people actually know anything, they will understand that change, adaptations, and alterations in those fields are necessary for progression and necessary to stretch the mind. Art lacks boundaries and that's what keeps it moving.

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Kimberly Jo said...

Anything can be poetry! Poetry to me is a frame of mind, a way of looking at the world. And I've found that anything can shift me into that frame of mind.