In honor of my disintegrating sanity, I am introducing you to my list of things I want to fill my life with. Although I appreciate school and the opportunities it brings, the following are things I'd rather be doing with myself at present or in the near future/the things that will be the reason I get a job:

- concerts. A disgusting amount of concerts all the time.
- fashion design
- explore earth
- learn to play the cello
- Spotify Premium
- learn French
- learn Spanish
- go to fancy parties/wearing fancy dresses
- work in my messy, window-lined art studio
- try Indian food
- buy fancy coats walk to the beach
- shoot film


Leia-Britt Jones said...

Mmmm...Indian food. Try India House in Sandy. It's my favorite!

Corina Broadhead said...

Je Parle francais!!