Twitter stole my blogging career. We just need to accept this fact and move on. Also, if you don't use Twitter, use it. If you don't understand Twitter, you're doing it wrong. Feel free to follow anyone I follow, then you'll probably feel a little more confident with things.

I am taking two art history classes taught by the most fascinating professors. No, really. They are brilliant and I spend most of the class time drooling over their intelligence, wondering what it is like knowing so much information. And not just knowing the information, but having the knowledge just wrapping itself around their souls.

I want soul-wrapping knowledge.

Maybe even soul-rapping knowledge. I don't know how that would be, but I imagine it would be very gangster.

This week I made groundbreaking records of passivity and motivation-plummets. I'm not sure how to fix it, but I am sure donuts are in the solution someplace. I will keep you posted on the number of hours I spend lying on my bed, donutless, writhing in agony as I keep a fair distance from anything with a deadline.

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Alison said...

Blogs are more fun to read than Twitter. Ha.


But really. I'd rather read something substantial (not necessarily *about* something substantial) / with context than a million unrelated sentences that might be funny.