I've been in my own head thinking about mostly nothing

Thoughts on my mind today:

I. This picture we discussed in Art History today by Caspar David Friedrich, Der Mönch am Meer. I find it absolutely breathtaking and calming.

II. I took my first art history test of the year. I woke up this morning with all of what I studied swimming all over in my brain. My ability to recall minute details was unordinary and I'm blessed for it. I feel great about the test. My hand is still exhausted from writing.

III. I think we've gone over this one before.

IV. Aside from getting my degree faster, I think why I keep insisting on taking 17/18 credit semesters is because it's my own way of making up all the ambition I went without for so long. I've never strived for anything exceptional, and I have never been driven to do anything exceptionally brilliant or amazing. I just have always had a comfort zone that I work within. But with taking so many classes in a semester: I'm proving someone wrong. Myself? Who knows. But it's the one thing I can take and run with enough risk involved to keep me on my toes.

V. Waking up is sometimes the most challenging part of the day.

VI. Last, This music video:

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ruthie.von said...

I think you're brilliant. And i'm like proud of you for your conviction in school. I admire it.