Just Lately, & Things

I don't mean to sound arrogant when I say that I really love my blog.

I was trying to find a picture just now and so I sifted through old blog posts and it made me feel really, really content, just reading through my past brain.

It also made me feel a little sad that I haven't updated my blog as faithfully as I used to. Did you know that to this day I haven't written a single thing about My Love (AKA my husband)? It really is tragic, but I think it's mostly because it's all so perfect in my mind and I don't want to dilute reality trying to explain it.

Everything is distracting, so I don't write any of it down. Teaching has given me grey hairs (figuratively, thankfully). I'm almost 25 which is the most bizarre feeling because, no, you don't just stop growing up and go back in time to high school. Unless you're a high school teacher like me. I have really vivid daydreams (and real dreams) about being a fashion designer on Project Runway.

Other than all that, I get home and veg on the couch. Days are mentally draining. The apartment falls apart. Dishes pile up. Clothes don't make it back to the hangers. Sometimes we daydream about buying a house. Sometimes I wonder how it will be trying to keep an entire house clean, rather than a tiny apartment.

Sometimes I try to design clothes on the backs of school papers.

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