Let Me Show You How Instant Headaches Work

Here is an update about today:

I wanted to show my classes how to make a photo blog. So I went through the process, screenshot each step, drew arrows, labeled each step... basically everything. There was no way any student would have any problems doing this. It was flawless.

When I was almost finished, another teacher came in and talked to me. Then I got back to work. And by "back to work" I mean I exited Powerpoint accidentally without saving. AND IT DIDN'T EVEN WARN ME THAT I HADN'T SAVED.

So the hour+ of work during my prep period was repeated within 15 minutes.

Then the class got started on making photo blogs.

And guess what. I found out today that Blogger is blocked on student computers.

"Untitled" "Mrs. Ramsey" -Anonymous

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