'A' for Inapplicable

I wish I had something interesting to relay to the world right about now.

Except, even if I had something interesting to say, I'm not sure the world would hear (read) it. Due to the fact that only a select few decide to pity me by reading my blogging rants. Thank you for pitying me.

Before I started typing the words above, I typed different words. And then I pushed a button that is located on the keyboard entitled 'Backspace'. 

I had other ideas to write about before typing the above words. But instead of writing them, I wrote about my lack of ideas. 

Isn't it funny how often we think we're not thinking about anything at all, but in reality, we're thinking thoughts unceasingly, and whether we relay these thoughts is up to what we think is applicable to the people that happen to be associating with us at any given time?

So I'll tell you what I was thinking about before I started thinking that I had no relevant thoughts.

I thought that maybe the world (those of you pitying me by reading my blogging rants) would be interested to know that right now, I have an audience. This audience consists of:
    -A red plastic bowl of dog food, resting on top of my computer (Please hold your questions till the end)
    -A paper with ink resting upon it, in the formation of the Portuguese language. In song form.
    -A book from my childhood, about a girl who asks for a bedtime story about a giraffe, the giraffe asking for a bedtime story about a fox, the fox asking for a story about an elephant... You get the picture. So basically, that book is just a waste of paper and a brain teaser. As a child, I thought long and hard about the concept of a story inside a story inside a story. So much that I eventually came up with an idea. An idea about a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream. But then I decided that the idea was useless. So I tossed it out the four-story window and went back to the book with the girl, the giraffe, the fox, the elephant, etcetera, and then went to bed.
    -My cellular telephonic device, empty of any unread text messages

The last item on my list of audience members made me think about the fact that, once upon a time, the word 'text' was not a verb, at all.

It also made me think about texting using an old fashioned phone. The kind with the winding dial. That would be an interesting experience. An interesting, tedious experience. 

The End.


Alison said...

I love old spinning phones. My grandma has a super awesome one.

Jessica said...

I wish I had more interesting thoughts like you.

Bethany said...

Oh, you do. You just write whatever decides to reside in your brain. No matter how ridiculous it sounds. Everything has significance.