Grand [December 18, 2011]

Today was a work party. It was at a really immaculate hotel downtown, and I was forewarned that the food would be ridiculously delicious. Including the sushi.

A few days ago, my boss said, "It's just going to be casual. Wear your pj's if you want."

So this morning I threw on some skinny jeans, my favorite striped shirt, and my purple ankle boots. I thought about wearing my seven-buck tennis shoes from Walmart, but decided on the boots instead. Also I had a lovely time searching for my pea coat-ish jacket until I was running significantly late. So I put on my Hollister fur-rimmed hood coat. [My one and only purchase from that store. It's nice to find a coat that fits nicely in the sleeves.]

We all met at the shop.

Apparently "casual" in my dictionary is different from the "casual" in my coworkers' dictionary. It's fine. So I looked like a Hollister beach bum. Also fine. At least I had decided against wearing the $7 Walmart tennies.

Also, I don't think I realized how elegant and extravagant the restaurant in the hotel would be. So basically I looked like a hobo in the midst of well-dressed rich people.

And I nearly had a panic attack until the waiter informed me that there was food other than seafood and sushi.

It was delicious. I ate tortellini, "hen", yum-cheesy potatoes, asparagus, pineapple, bread, crepes with whipped cream cheese & berries, topped with chocolate or maybe nutella... either way it was a crepe. Also, pumpkin cheesecake and a little fruity berry yum thing. And fresh squeezed orange juice. And seventeen glasses of water. No sushi. No seafood.

Also, Jane Seymour walked by a couple times. She was in town and was also enjoying a really pricey meal in the exquisite hotel. It was weird. Because Sully wasn't even with her.

Also, the hotel had a couple shops that were like childhood dreams. The candy/ice cream shop was like enchanting cotton candy memories and the toy store was like Willy Wonka minus the candy and plus the toys. Seriously. It was borderline insanity, borderline if-I-ever-try-to-spend-that-much-on-one-toy-for-my-children. And borderline magical.

The entire hotel was, really. Chandeliers, lovely interior design, fancy furniture.

And I was even able to catch the tail-end of church.

Which was nice. Because I was mildly bitter, thinking I was going to have to miss it for expensive delicacies and chandeliers.


Colin & Cora said...


Excellent description, Q.
This whole post is lovely.


Cami said...

Been watching Dr. Quinn this week! Love that show......

Jessica said...

Why would she tell you to wear your pajamas?? I would have been horrified showing up in pajamas :) I bet you looked fabulous even though you felt like a hobo... :)