Intuhview tomorrow.

I feel like my blog mostly consists of interviews, my messy room, the pink that [previously] diseased itself onto my bedroom walls, and my eating habits.

However, my walls have been cured. As have my eyes. And sanity.
Well, partially.

Via birthday present last month.

Disregard the green and yellow painting tape.

I told you it was pink. [Here, here & here, for example.]

Now it's not.

And neither is my decor.

Disregard the pink in my blanket.

I think that I'm fine with the change.


Kimberly Jo said...

Love the gray walls!

Shannon said...

So pretty!

Colin & Cora said...

Your room looks really different. And nice. I like it. :)

Alex said...

The rug, the rug, the rug! Yay.

ruthie.von said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your walls. I love grey.