Third Floor Living

I've been meaning to write this post ever since the beginning of the school year.

Things I love about my apartment / living on the third floor:

1. Paranoia-free open windows. Whenever I want. And it's finally warm enough to have my bedroom window open through the night. Earlier this year, it threw me off when I had to start closing my window because of the weather - my room is so quiet with it shut.

2. The view from my window. It's lovely. I can see the lake (which is just about three miles from my apartment), so I can enjoy the sunset just by turning my head.

3. The sunshine / shadows on my wall. I have a west-facing window, so I can track what season it is just by where the sun is shining on my wall or bed.

So maybe I don't "track" the seasons.

Either way;

4. The train. The train tracks are a hop, skip, a jump, and then some away from my apartment. Really close. So my apartment sways every time the train goes by. It's kind of soothing, in a weird way. Nostalgic without the memories.

5. Calves of steel. I haul myself and my art supplies up and down two flights of stairs about seventeen times a day [pair that with going to a school that has more stairs than the Empire State Building] and I'm pretty fit.

Actually I'm probably just normal, but I still like to think my life will be extended seven or so years from the exercise I get just by going home from school.

6. The potential to climb out my window via many sheets tied together.

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Alex said...

Hee. : ] Please climb out your window someday... but don't fall.