How To Dress Well: Part 1

Yesterday we were bringing in groceries and I was thinking about my dream job - a fashion designer. I was just imagining about how fabulous it would be if I could ever be something like that. 

Then today I was scrolling through my What I'd Wear Pinterest board and I kept interrupting my husband's game to show him pretty clothes & to tell him how happy I'd be with anything on the board. 

Then I thought about how expensive everything on my board is, individually.

Then I thought about how I am a bargain shopper (penny-pincher, really) and how I have relatively good taste and good judgement in clothing.

Then I thought about how probably the entire world would be eternally grateful for my fashion opinions.

Then I thought about how that isn't true, but it might be fun to put together a fashion blog post, regardless.

 So. This first part is a compilation of 4 things I love on Pinterest, pricing included:
a. MADWELL · $148 
b. STEVEN ALAN · $75
c. J.CREW · $90
d. NORDSTROM · $60

total: $373

And here are some alternatives that would be equally as French chic (because what else would you call grey stripes and black pants?) but significantly less expensive...
a. TARGET tee · $20
b. FOREVER21 tee · $13

a. H&M pants · $15
b. OLD NAVY pants · $25

a. FOREVER21 bag · $25
b. H&M bag · $17

a. FOREVER21 sandals · $18
b. TARGET sandals · $27
c. H&M sandals · $30

And, if you're interested in spectacular jewelry for equally spectacular prices, these all would be adorable with the above outfit:

a. FOREVER21 origami necklace · $3
b. TARGET pink belt · $13
c. FOREVER21 bike watch· $18
d. FOREVER21 fork ring · $5
e. FOREVER21 green ring · $3
f. FOREVER21 gold cuff · $6

accessory total: $48

So, if you average the alternatives, you'd have the following total, roughly:
tee: $17
pants: $20
bag: $21
sandals: $25

total: $83 

Is there anything you like better than the Pinterest pieces (besides the prices)?

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