So, How Was It?

You know when people come home from Europe, Disneyland, serving a mission, a cruise, etcetera, and people always ask, "So, how was it?"

Everyone asks it. 

I can just imagine after we've all lived life and we are all in Heaven, we will be asking each other, "So, how was your life?"

And everyone will answer with the typical small-talk, "Oh, it was good. There were some hard things, but it was worth it. And how about yours?"

I also imagine another common question being asked. "So, how did you die?"

It will be amusing, I think. In a really strange way.


Anonymous said...


Jana said...

"Oh, it was good. There were some hard thing, but it was worth it." def needed that tonight!!!

Shannon said...

Hopefully that question won't come for a long time.

Alex said...

If I die in a cool way, I'll use that as a conversation starter.

TiffanyM. said...

Love, Love, Love this!!

jandbfjohnson said...

It's like birth stories. The worse it was, the better the story. I hope my death story is boring-terribly boring!

Stoker said...

I turned to your posts in an attempt at cheering-up, and this hit the spot. Thanks.

I'll be sure to find you and ask you how you died.